Empowering Changemakers to Become the Mapmakers of their Visions


Become the Mapmaker of Your Visions

        • Do you have “Vision Seeds” that yearn for Expression? 
        • Might you be called to Evolve your Personal or Professional Life Direction?
        • Are you Struggling to find a Vision, Direction or Niche that feels right ?
        • Do you feel Stuck or Overwhelmed?
        • Do You Question if “You Have What It Takes”?

Journey Mapping Enables you to…

        • Follow the Threads to Unfolding your Visions
        • Birth a Mission, Vision or Niche that you can fully get behind
        • Know & Understand your Strategic Priorities (from a Holistic Perspective)
        • Evolve your Professional Direction or Business
        • Get Your Holistic Practice Off the Ground
        • Listen to your Intuition
        • Unleash your Creativity & Genius

4-Min Intro Video to Vision Mapping

Journey Mapping is the Yoga or Dao of unfolding your Life, Visions and Purpose. This holistic methodology focuses on where your visions BEGIN, rather than where they end.

Journey Mapping weaves together strategic planning, Mind Mapping, Life coaching, metaphysical philosophy and the use of somatic intelligence, intuition and expressive arts.

“My husband and I came to Naraya feeling utterly overwhelmed and scattered, and we left feeling deeply understood, connected to ourselves and each other, and much more clear about our next steps.”

-Rosy Aronson, Ph.D. Artist/Author, Spiritual Counselor & Blossoming Expert 

Journey Mapping totally changed my life!… It helped me to relax into the mystery and notice the clues around me and now I’m “in the flow” in all areas of my life!

-Sherry Greene LICSW, Boston, MA