Empowering Changemakers to Become the Mapmakers of their Visions


Become the Mapmaker of Your Visions

    • Do you have a Calling to Make a Greater Difference in the World?
    • Are you Struggling to find a Vision, Direction or Niche that feels right ?
    • Or are you in the Early Stages of Building Your Practice, Business, Project or Endeavor?
    • Do you feel Stuck or Overwhelmed?
    • Do You Question if “You Have What It Takes” to Live the Life You Yearn For?

Journey Mapping Enables you to…

  • Get Your Practice, Business, Project or Endeavor Off the Ground!
  • Follow the Threads to Unfolding your Visions
  • Transform a Vague “Purpose-Calling” into a Clear Vision that meets the World 
  • Know & Understand your Strategic Priorities (from a Holistic Perspective)
  • Birth a Mission, Vision or Niche that you can fully get behind
  • Unleash your Creativity & Genius

4-Min Intro Video to “Orientation Mapping”

Understand the Big Picture or ‘Landscape’ of your Life…

Journey Mapping is the Yoga or Dao of unfolding your Life, Visions and Purpose. This holistic methodology  focuses on where your visions BEGIN, rather than where they end.

Journey Mapping weaves together leadership coaching principles, metaphysical philosophy, strategic planning, Presencing, Therory U, Mind Mapping, the use of somatic intelligence, intuition and expressive arts. Journey Mapping is the art and science of ‘Visioning from Now”.

“I have felt stuck professionally for several years, despite a concerted effort through therapy, workshops, etc to get clear on what my work path should be. In only a few months, Naraya has helped me to open to some areas that I had been blind to, and I am clearly making progress towards my goal of realizing how to manifest my spiritual experiences through my work. Naraya combines a meticulous listening ability with her years of spiritual practice to really probe towards opening the connection with my inner voice and energy source. I highly recommend seeing her if you are needing some help in integrating your spiritual, emotional, and work worlds.”-Gary Pace MD MPH